Scottish folk singer James Yorkston has been consistently putting out music for over 20 years now, but in recent years he has been diverted down paths of collaboration with Yorkston/Thorne/Khan and writing with his novel Three Craws. However, he has now returned his attentions to solo material, and has announced his next album: The Route To The Harmonium will be released on February 22nd through Domino Records. Yorkston has also shared the stunning track 'My Mouth Ain't No Bible'.

The new song is a rambling piece, Yorkston's spoken word tale flanked by military drums and splashes of harmonium, drubbing up the drama. 'My Mouth Ain't No Bible' is Yorkston putting words into the mouth of a "dear departed friend," who is also "a spirit that runs through the album." In this song we follow him through endless drinking, and steady descent into an unshakeable depression, until he admits "So, what happened? Well, It’s funny – my mind just cracked – but unlike Lenny Cohen, no light got in, just dark." From there, riding the unceasing propulsion of the drums, 'My Mouth Ain't No Bible' cycles back through our protagonist's memories, fears, and regrets, before he bows out in a flash of light, wishing "I hope you live forever with me in your heart/ Forever young/ And beautiful/ I love you all."

Watch the video for 'My Mouth Ain't No Bible', directed by Edwin Burdis, below.

James Yorkston's new album The Route To The Harmonium comes out on February 22nd; you can pre-order it and check out his upcoming live dates on his official website.