Label: Warp Records Release date: 18/05/10 Link Official Site Oh man, soul/IDM clusterfuck master Jamie Lidell is back. And his latest album, Compass sounds like The Black Keys decided to make electronic with Al Green as a backbone. It is funky, soulful, funny, sad, and gloriously weird all at once. To top it off, it is one of the best things from Warp this year. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say to things like the intro to ‘I Wanna Be Your Telephone.’ It is a song comparing being a telephone to being a sexual object that starts with vocal imitations of telephone noises and tones then turns into a Danger Mouse meets Talking Heads-style backing with Lidell’s Auerbach meets Cooke style vocals. Tropicalia influenced ‘Enough’s Enough’ boasts some classic Motown vocal arrangements and flutes played by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear (in top game). Every performance on this album is joyous and expertly produced and performed. Some lovingly oversaturated horns and drums mark almost every song, adding to a neo-soul throwback to the classics. And while there is little of Lidell’s older one man one laptop era, I don’t mind it. There is enough to keep the album flowing and the listener captivated. Also, it is a rare release that grabs attention as well as this one, with each song propelling itself and the entire album forward with such motion and inventiveness that there is no filler to be had. And while the title track may feel like a bit of a drag, it proves to be a much-needed relief and a transition into the slower, heavier moments like ‘Big Drift.’ If nothing else, the pacing and choice of running order show amazing detail overall, complete with a great letdown to close the album (in the vein of a White Album or Kid A closer). Yeah, yeah, it’s good. Highly recommended, four and three-quarter stars, get it already, okay? Photobucket