Have you ever been ready to go out for the night with the sinking feeling that although you're up for having a great night, it probably isn't going to happen? Well I sort of had that feeling leading up to the opening night of the iTunes Live Festival. I quite like Jamie T, and I certainly love Slow Club, but I wasn't super excited. This was until my entire collection of west London friends descended upon Camden to make the night memorable. I could speak for hours about the hilarity of turning up to a gig without a ticket, especially considering the queue to get in, but I'll leave that for another day. First up was the almighty Slow Club. I've been a huge of theirs for a while now but this was only my second experience of their live show. It's hard to appreciate a band like Slow Club when every aspect of the Roundhouse's poor sound is working against them but they brought their A-game and definitely converted a lot of Jamie T fans. Like I said before, I quite like Jamie T. He falls under the category of people that I wouldn't buy a ticket to go see but on the other hand I wouldn't be annoyed If I saw him live. After his rather short, but sweet set, I think the balance has shifted. He was every bit the natural performer as he strutted around the vast stage, getting everyone in the audience involved. His set was a nice balance between songs from his first album and a few newer ones. My only issue with the night was the sound. Rather than hearing Jamie's London accent, we were subjected to muffled sounds and warbling. I'll see you again Mr T, but it won't be at the Roundhouse.