Artist: Jamie T Release: Sticks 'N' Stones EP Available: 29th June Buy: Amazon Just in time for week 2 of Wimbledon 2009 and appropriately SW19's favourite son Jamie T (you can forget Murray, Henman et al) serves up some ace new material. (Sorry couldn't resist). The 4-track 'Sticks 'n' Stones' EP is the follow up to his debut offering 2007's terrifically shambolic 'Panic Prevention'. The eponymous track from the EP is an enjoyable romp in which the lyrics tell tales of fucking and fighting on White Lightning. They are genuinely brilliant. This track also has a chorus so catchy it's finally managed to shift Bruce Springsteen's 'Born To Run' from my head. The remainder of the EP is equally enjoyable; the drinking exploits are revisited with a shambolically slurred shanty in 'The Dance of The Young Professionals' and murder rears its head in 'On The Green'; not exactly the image of Wimbledon that Sue Barker and the team at the BBC would have you believe. You know what though... on this basis I'd take Jamie T and speedballs over Cliff Richard and tennis balls anyday. Definitely worth investigating. 9/10 Check out the video for Stick N Stones here: