Label: Candent Songs Release date: 11/10/10 Website: Jamie Woon on Myspace Buy: Amazon Singer, songwriter and self-taught producer Jamie Woon first made himself known to the world at large with his 2007 version of traditional standard 'Wayfaring Stranger' featuring a Burial remix as a b-side. The man certainly has pedigree and now it's time for Woon to step out from the shadows of with the all-important debut single, Night Air. ‘Night Air’ is a fluid, deft meld of soul, beats and ambient beauty. It could almost be a Hurts-esque vocal melody backed by Panthu Du Prince, yet it somehow seems more quietly ambitious than either. Woon's evocative lyrics are refreshingly enunciated and add a sense of ephemeral grandeur to the song. “I don’t need those car-crash colours/I control the skies above us” for example, and the refrain of ‘In the night air’ was sending shivers down my spine long before the final chorus. Woon's songwriting has been honed by prolific, under-the-radar live performances but it's his voice that is his unmistakable calling card. The contemplative, swirling soundscapes really let Woon's velvety voice fly, and his flourishes eddy along perfectly with the underlying bass rhythms. When the song does end it seems rather to have dissolved into the eponymous ether. This release also includes a refix by Ramadanman which is a very solid, lengthier addition. It’s even more ambient and slow burning, but crucially has the sense to leave Woon’s dulcet tones, when they’re present, untouched but for the smallest of manipulation. There is a later nod towards Woon's dub-step roots but it's still a restrained effort worthy of inclusion. A voice, and a man to rally behind then. Night Air is an incredibly promising lead single that showcases a song with a real vibe, with real purpose. We will, as always, have to wait for more singles or the forthcoming album to judge whether this is a one off or just the tip of the impeccably understated iceberg, but in the meantime I expect this tune will be drifting serenely and mysteriously through my own night air for quite some time.