After being delayed due to the London riots, the anticipated debut Rizlab project, ‘Structures’ is going ahead tonight at the Classic Car Club in Shoreditch. For those unaware, the event consists of Jamie XX working alongside visual artist Quayola to create a feast of sound and image for those in attendance. The first and only time they will perform together, multimedia maestro Quayola will intercept and interpret and Jamie XX’s music as it comes through live, using custom built software Partitura. This will convert the sound into images and project them in real time. The visual artists has likened it to ‘playing in a band and each of us has an instrument, but rather than producing music, we’re interpreting music’.

In anticipation of the event we have some footage of Jamie XX and Quayola hard at work in the studio, rehearsing their respective roles, and also discussing the event and what it means to them and the curator, Tom Baker of Eat Your Own Ears.