In case you're lost and thinking, "What is this, Footloose?" Japan have actually had a law in place since 1948 called Fueiho – an acronym for Fūzoku Eigyō Torishimari Hō, which is also referred to as the "Businesses Affecting Public Morals Regulation Law". Since being made law, all nightclubs have been deemed "adult entertainment establishments" requiring a specific license that forces them to close at or before midnight. As we all know, nights-out don't often even get going until well past the witching hour.

But no longer. After appeals to relax the law were rejected in January, it's happened six months later: but the ban has not been lifted outright, so reports Japan Times.

Clubs with lighting that measures 10 Lux or more will be allowed to obtain a 24-hour licence. Any that fail to meet this light-based requirement will remain, in the eyes of Japan's law, as places of "adult entertainment".