Label: Polyvinyl Records Release date: 02/04/10 Website: Myspace Canadian duo, Japandroids, are back! Well, they didn’t really leave us, either on our iPods ( Post Nothing, their first effort, is still full of tunes to soundtrack 2010) or on the road, where they offer their inimitable shooegaze –punk (and delicious covers such as ‘Racer-X’, the Big Black song appearing here as a b-side). ‘Art Czars’ then, is a brand new single-written during the Post-Nothing sessions. Rather different than on the album, guitar lines are punkier, less ‘fuzzy’, drums are maybe a bit softer (in the Japandroids world, that is), but the need to shout every single word of the arrogant ‘Here’s your money back/Here’s your punk-rock back’ with Brian King is intact, as well as our urge to hear new material from the ‘droids. The band announced they’re releasing five EPs with similar content (brand new track/cover) during the year. Keep your eyes peeled then. Photobucket