Previously known for more experimental, less beat-prone efforts, Japanese producer Kazumichi Komatsu aka Madegg has delved into a much more beat-heavy realm with his new project. Wanting to embark on a different path for this particular effort, he decided a moniker change was needed and became M/D/G specifically for the eponymous EP he's just put out.

It marks another change, being the second release on Tokyo-based label flau's latest 12"-only imprint, the inexplicably named but highly googleable, raum, which launched with a release from Stefan Jós. The M/D/G EP has been released on a limited run of just 250; if you like to collect, this is one for your collection.

But what does the EP sound like? It's a journey through the inner and outer workings of a giant biomechanical robot (picture a more scary Iron Giant), through various piston-pumping organs and industrial-sized machines breathing efficient and furious life into the automaton, an ancient piece of alien technology discovered hundreds of years from now, lichen-ridden, moss-covered, decayed, soiled and corroded over time, yet still working with the alarming breakneck intensity it always did, and with the same strange and sometimes horrifying organic and vital functions, synthetic fluids glooping through traversable tubes running around its gargantuan frame, constantly abrasively kinetic. That's what it sounds like.

You will find purchasing options by going here.

  • M/D/G tracklist:
  • A1. ?????
  • A2. Francis
  • B1. Wah Fruits
  • B2. Current Work1
  • B3. Scum from Social Design