A press release describes Japanese producer Noah's voice as a "phantom". They're not wrong: her softly charming voice drifts in and out of her songs like a ray of light that's just out of sight.

She combines her absorbing voice with playful, softly yearning loops and drum beats, creating a feeling something akin to being lost in her city of Tokyo itself. Naturally, it brings vaporwave to mind, but manages to feel rather its own beast.

Her latest album, Thirty, is inspired by the three years she's spent living in the city, something of a lo-fi love letter. New single '像自己 (Xiangziji)' is the calm of being pleasantly lost in a world all too much larger than yourself.

Noah has shared the track along with a video directed by John Smith (Jessy Lanza). Check that out below, and look out for Thirty come this Friday, October 18th, via adored Japanese indie label Flau.

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