Here's 'Jungli-la', the newest track to surface from Japanese electronic band CRYSTAL. It arrives as the first cut to be taken from their upcoming debut album for Tokyo-based label flau, the brilliantly named Crystal Station 64, the follow-up to their recent Monsoon EP.

In 'Jungli-la' the trio – composed of Ryota Miyake (also making music as Sparrows), Keita Onishi, and Sunao Maruyama – pay homage to Donkey Kong in a dazzling display of retro drum machine-flavoured beats, fun and playful percussive melodies, not to mention the bristling thickets of sumptuous accompanying percussion that help make it not just a simple cut-and-paste retro-themed track, but a richly nuanced, textured dynamic piece that would work in a club just as well as it would in an actual videogame. A beautiful balance of simply "fun" music, and artful, highly evocative, atmosphere-conjuring music.

Speaking to the FADER, the trio described the song:

"One day, Siri took me to the jungle to see Diddy and his nephew Donkey. The jungle was their country. Then we played together. The result is this song. Diddy gave me some extra life balloons when we leave. Please enjoy the perfect combination of Diddy's marimbas and Donkey's percussions."

Crystal Station 64 is out on 30th October – you can pre-order it via flau.