Label: Slimeball Records Release date: 29/11/10 Link: Myspace Imagine the Smashing Pumpkins around the time of their first album. Imagine they hadn’t gone on to become softer and softer until they were a band consisting of nothing but feathers and pillows and kittens. Instead they’d got heavier and heavier until you felt that just listening to them was likely to cut your face like a piece of razor wire. Oh, and imagine they’d offed Billy Corgan in favour of a female vocalist - or just listen to Japanese Voyeurs. ‘Milk Teeth’ is a powerhouse of a single. It carries an air of grunge nostalgia but at the same time has riffs so devastatingly huge they could topple small buildings. It’s like Mudhoney and Queens of the Stone Age performed by a group of battle-hardened and embittered devil-worshippers. A few casual listens will probably leave you partially deaf but it’s worth it. The b-side ‘Godzilla’ is ridiculously good. As perfect as heavy guitar pop can be, but yet so self-evidently simple. More ear endangering riffs offset by the airy vocals. Equally as deserving of your attention. Photobucket