Jaro may be a familiar name thanks to his work and affiliation with Beach Jesus. However, he's been branching out on a solo tip more recently, with the La Rouge EP being the first collection of tracks to effortlessly showcase his varying talents.

'Goodbye' sits towards the end of the EP and features the rest of the Beach Jesus gang and Elias Abid, who also worked with Appleby (who is also from Illinois) on his recent EP Down Dance. La Rouge also includes an appearance from Aura of Iris Temple, who also appears on the Down Dance EP.

As well as being a tight-knit musical community, they're also capable of creating really great music - as demonstrated on 'Goodbye' which transitions from a hazy, piano-led ballad-type record into an all-out production masterclass with some deep bass, heavy synths, and tight drums. Take a listen for yourself, then head over to Jaro's SoundCloud page where you can download the La Rogue EP for free for a limited time.