Ive had this album for quite a while now and its one that i find myself regularly going back to listen to over and over again. Jason Reeves and his cultivation of nutritiously organic acoustic pop have over time, become a staple part of my musical diet. And with the recent re-release of the album, there's been even more reason for my ears to venture back into The Magnificent Adventures Of Heartache And Other Frightening Tales; a melodic novel that celebrates the very essence of life and love itself, rolling with the punches along the way. Unlike previous independently released albums such as Hearts & Magnets,The Nervous Mind Of Love and Makeshift Aircraft; EP's that will undoubtedly be all to easily forgotten now that Reeves has been signed to Warner Bros, The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache is more a reflection on Reeves' "fairytale" success rather than a collective of songs, hence the title of the album. If you're a fan of the great solo-artist movement that seems to be sweeping across the states at the moment and names such as Gavin Degraw,Ernie Halter,Tyrone Wells and Josh Hoge mean anything to you, then Jason Reeves is a much needed acquaintance to be introduced to your ears! Tracks such as Just Friends,Photographs and Memories,You in a Song and The End not only display the instrumental talent of the Iowa native but also Reeves' deeply thoughtful perspective on the world and the events taking place within it through his lyrical abilities; which have even been utilized in collaborating songs with good friend Colbie Cailatt. If you're after a combination of good,wholesome,home grown acoustic pop accompanied by a voice that has something new to say, then Jason Reeves is worth giving a listen! The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache And Other Frightening Tales is one you'll be able to relate to, understand and most certainly find hard to put down. I also highly recommend checking out Hearts & Magnets. Songs from the new album can be heard by visiting www.myspace.com/jasonreeves