The 1999 cult series Freaks and Geeks helped spawn the career of some of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars, including James Franco and Seth Rogan. The programme also sparked the career of film theatre favourite Jason Segel who, whilst starring in a hit television series and multiple blockbuster movies, even finds time to indulge his side-passion for puppetry.

Playing the male lead alongside British beauty Emily Blunt in the upcoming romantic comedy The 5 Year Engagement, Segel has definitely done the rounds as far as LA is concerned, even starring semi-regularly in CSI back in 2005. Now as one of the leading players in the Judd Apatow comedy circle, a troupe that includes fellow 'Freak' Seth Rogan and veritable funny man Jonah Hill, Segel has grabbed audiences by the scruff of the neck. He's not showing signs of letting go anytime soon, so fasten your seat belts for the comedy whirlwind.

Thanks to roles in Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I Love You Man, Segel has made the 'slacker' role his own, but now has become the go-to man for the gentle giant role. As well as giving audiences something to laugh about, most notably his manhood in Russell Brand's comedy vehicle, he also stars in hit US comedy How I Met Your Mother. Many now see this comedy drama as the closest thing to Friends currently on screen, in terms of that oh-so-watchable quality.

With a back catalog to inspire any aspiring actor, you might be forgiven for expecting Segal to kick back and enjoy the ride, but this seems to be one of few things beyond his capabilities. The actor likes to indulge his primary passion of puppetry- the Dracula puppet music scene in Sarah Marshall was his unique creation. This handy talent has led to Segal's involvement in the latest incarnation of The Muppets, a film which for many saw Kermit and pals return to their former glory.

While Segal might appear the lazy man's Ryan Gosling, given his appearance in almost everything on the big screen, it is no problem for this reviewer, given his charming charisma and hysterically funny films. And there's always the Dracula puppetry, if you fancy an extra giggle.