American duo Javelin will return with their third full length album on April 15th entitled Hi Beams.

Since forming 2005, the two cousins Geaorge Langford and Tom Van Burskirk had previously recorded their work in home studios using computers but for the new record the pair took to Rhode Island studio Machine With Magnets to use more traditional equipment for the first time.

You can stream the first single from taken from the fruits of their labour below with full tracklisting for the new LP listed beneath.

    Hi Beams Tracklisting:

  • 1. Light Out
  • 2. Nnormal
  • 3. Judgement
  • 4. Airfield
  • 5. Friending
  • 6. l'Ocean
  • 7. Drummachines
  • 8. City Pals
  • 9. Garth Hudson
  • 10. The Stars