"La-la-la, la-la-la," begins Jay Prince's rap in his brand new track 'Long Run' and it's literally loveable from start to finish. His voice, with London lilt – almost sung in places – and its laid-back attitude, is the star of the show here and its chillsomeness perfectly fits the beat, glowing as it is with warm piano chords and jazzy saxophone in a contentedly lounge-like setting.

The brilliant hook, sung by many voices, "Ooooo, that's right / Same old ish but it's just a different night," is ultimately feel-good as is the whole track basically; it's in the name, doing stuff for the long run instead of getting stuck in a short-term world. With the old-school vibes in the beat and Jay Prince's voice, which people would expect to hear on something grimier, it sounds like a new step for hip-hop in the UK, and if that means collaborating with US producers – as is the case here with Cali-based S0ul Unreal's production – to make it sound this good, then I ain't complaining.