Jay-Z was never gonna allow Kanye West to steal all the limelight, right?

Sticking with the religious/historial theme set out by Yeezus, Hova announced, via a three-minute advert which aired during game five of the NBA Finals, that his new album would be titled Magna Carta Holy Grail and that it would be released on July 4th.

Not only that, but the commercial suggests that Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, and Rick Rubin all worked on the album. It's also been announced that he's teamed up with Samsung (obviously) to put out an app on June 24th which will allows its users an "unprecedented inside look into the album, personal stories, and inspiration." Then 72 hours before its offical release, the album will be available to users off the app. The fact that Samsung will reportedly be giving away a million copies of the album to its users, already means it will be a "success".

Interesting. Watch the advert below.