Is the reason Magna Carta Holy Grail isn't that good because it's meant to be a work of art? Maybe. Well, 'six pieces of art', anyway. Jay-Z's newest feat is a six-hour lip synching performance of album track 'Picasso Baby' - what, you can't do it live? The rapper popped by New York's Pace Gallery for the stunt, which is being filmed and will be turned into a music video.

The shoot was arranged by gallery Salon 94 and video director Mark Romanek, who also worked on Jay-Z's '99 Problems'. The video will apparently have the "grainy, surveillance camera feel" of Fiona Apple's 'Criminal', which he also worked on.

Fader notes the video is inspired by Marina Abramović's 2010 Museum of Modern Art exhibition The Artist Is Present, in which the visual artist sat in MoMA's atrium for two months; Abramović was at the Pace Gallery today to witness Jay-Z's performance.

Also popping by during the 'set': Rapper Wale, Judd Apatow and Girls star Adam Driver, and no doubt more will turn up as it continues. For us lesser folk, there are Vines people have been making to enjoy instead (see below).

In other Jay-Z related news, producer J-Roc spoke to XXL about MCHG cut, 'Versus', and the other shorter tracks found on the album:

"I'm givin' a little hint: that's what those [tracks] are, just little hints. He has so many great tracks, he couldn’t just put them all on there, so we were like, this is what we'll do, we'll just give them a little hint. So later when they hear it again, they'll be like, 'Oh shit, this is what it’s supposed to be,' you know what I mean? So he's a clever guy."