It seems Jay Z is being sued again, this time by a guy called Ambassador Dr. Francois De Cassagno. At this point, do we really need to know why? Really? Ok...

Well Ambassador Dr. Francois De Cassagnol says he owns the rights to the Brooklyn Nets' name. The "behavioural scientist and designer" has named Shawn Carter as a defendant in a lawsuit worth a staggering $600 million.

His complaint - which was filed on December 9 - suggests the NBA, Jay Z, and Bruce Ratner (a co-owner) "fraudulently conspired" against the U.S. Patent Office. It also claims that he registered "The Brooklyn Nets Entertainment Logo" in 2003.

The Patent Office has countered, claiming that de Cassagnol only filed paperwork after the team's relocation became public knowledge. I got 99 Problems... etc etc.

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Source: SPIN