If Jay-Z has a problem these days, it still ain't a 'bitch', but more that he put out an album at roughly the same time as Kanye, and it wasn't quite as good. Or at least, that was the verdict en masse, although we all have opinions.

When Magna Carta Holy Grail came into land, it was noticed that a track posted on Hova\s website back in April titled 'Open Letter' was omitted. But this week during a random tweet response session, Jay revealed that the track was being handled by Jack White as a vinyl-only release.

Digging a little deeper into the details, it seems that the release will not be a record, but an actual playable letter. You open it (see what they did there?), place it on your turntable and play it.

Jack White and his Third Man Records label is a vinyl laboratory, releasing not only choice cuts, but also switching up the formats for limited pressings. Maybe they have come up with a method that gets around playable cards sound quality being slightly below lo-fi?

As soon as the letter is available, we'll let you know!