It's a good day for Jay Z. Chauncey Mahan, an engineer who worked with Jay Z between 1998 and 2002, sued the rapper, claiming co-ownership for 45 songs (including 'Big Pimpin,') but the judge finally dismissed the lawsuit. He stated that Mahan waited too long to sue and now, an appeals court has upheld the decision.

Jay's lawyers had previously argued that Mahan's "claims are plainly barred by the three-year statute of limitations contained in the Copyright Act, and have been for more than a decade," and now Mahan must pay the defendants' attorney fees for his initial loss, as well as fees and costs for the appeal. To bring everything full circle, Mahan had also been named in an alleged extortion plot for attempting to sell Jay his master recordings, which the rapper's camp had assumed went missing in 2002.