We promised that there were remixes of London lass Espa's latest single 'Swan Song' on the way and not ones to go back on our words, we're very excited to premiere one of the first remixes, courtesy of London based DJ and producer JD. Reid.

Much of the production, at least in the beginning remains intact - that is until Giggs' outstanding verse comes in around the midway point. It's here where things switch up and get even cooler. "This track is a transatlantic collaboration (Erick Arc Elliot being from Brooklyn, and Giggs, JD. Reid and I being Londoners) with a handful of French impressionist flutes and a sample of obscure Japanese contemporary classical music," Espa told us via email. "We've truly created a melting pot of cultures, sounds and places!"

The original's east coast inspired production (created by the Flatbush Zombies' Erick Arc Elliot), angelic vocals and accompanying shapeshifting visual all form part of the story behind the song and its title, which was born after Espa received the track from Elliot (she exclusively revealed to us that it was originally titled 'December On'). "The beat gave me about seven different ideas for melodies in one sitting," she explained. "I then chipped away at until 'Swan Song' was born. There is a myth that a swan does not make a noise until its dying moment, when it sings a beautiful melody. This romantic tale has always fascinated me. The concept of a performer's final performance (or 'swan song' as it is called in the industry) begs the questions 'How do you want to be remembered? How do you want your last performance to be?' I applied this idea to a life time and the lyrics "what will make you smile, at the finish line, is all that will remain..." is my way of pondering what will be important at the end of my life... in a non-morbid way!"

Londoner JD. Reid adds some extra bass, synths and a few other little musical nick-knacks while still managing to keep the heart and sincerity of the track. "JD's remix is so fresh and fun, I would love to hear this blaring out of a 'consciously-sober' disco on the beach in Bali... which is exactly what I plan to be doing this New Year, and I'm taking this remix with me!" The original version of 'Swan Song' is available now on iTunes alongside her latest EP LG60.