Naomi Hamilton released The Moths of What I Want Will Eat Me in My Sleep, her latest EP as Jealous of the Birds, just this summer, but she has already announced that she'll be releasing a new EP called Wisdom Teeth on February 1st. It suggests that Hamilton has been experiencing a period of inspiration and productivity in recent times, and in fact that plays into the new song she has shared called 'Marrow', as she explains:

"'Marrow' is my attempt to articulate what it's like to be a human being navigating one's inner and outer worlds. After I graduated university a year ago, I became much more resolute about chasing a life in music, art and travelling. To me, 'Marrow' captures that sense of striving for authenticity in all its colours and forms."

Jealous of the Birds certainly sounds more committed and full of belief than ever on 'Marrow' - even if she's having to fight through endless obstacles. 'Marrow' is a sweeping rock song that shows off her multi-dimensional talents; capturing her struggle in poetic but tangible terms, setting them aloft on buffeting and brave instrumental arrangements, and tying them all together with her dynamic vocals that are layered and produced to deliver a beautifully impactful emotion. Jealous of the Birds seems to be coming into her own as a musician and songwriter, and 'Marrow' shows that she's confidently in control of her sizeable abilities.

Hand In Hive (UK & Europe) and Canvasback Music (US) will be releasing Jealous of the Birds' new EP Wisdom Teeth on February 1st.