Ireland's Naomi Hamilton aka Jealous Of The Birds will be releasing her new EP Wisdom Teeth on February 1st through Hand in Hive; and today she has shared a new track from the collection, 'Blue Eyes'. The track plays like a no-nonsense shot of endorphins, which, as Hamilton explains, was the intent:

"There’s something powerful to me about femininity being self-reflexive as opposed to being expressed through the male gaze. I tried to translate that grit and sass by going for heavier instrumentation, funky bass lines and pop vocal melodies. Honestly, I just want to make the listener dance and feel good. Out of all the songs on the Wisdom Teeth EP, this was perhaps the most musically direct and enjoyable to record."

'Blue Eyes' does indeed come fully-loaded with funky bass and chunky guitars, which instantly punch a hole in your attention. In this space Hamilton sings of the incomparable rush of a new sexual attraction with the owner of the titular 'Blue Eyes', getting up to all sorts of innocent and not-so-innocent frolics, playing off each other's personalities and just expressing their natural chemistry. The result is that 'Blue Eyes' is an explosion of pure glee that is sure to give the listener at least a spring in their step, if not a irrepressible necessity to move their body.

The effervescent passion is also captured in the video for 'Blue Eyes', which stars Hamilton and was created by Joey Brodnax, who "just wanted to create something that’s crazy fun to watch." Check it out below.

Jealous of the Birds' new EP Wisdom Teeth is out February 1st through Hand in Hive and can be pre-ordered here. Look out for our interview with Naomi coming out in the next week or so.