Jeffrey Lewis will be releasing a new album called Manhattan on 30th October via Rough Trade. In the meantime we have a zippy, lovelorn number called 'Outta Town', taken from the upcoming album, to whet our appetites.

Lewis himself describes the song as "how empty life feels when you are in a relationship and that person's not there, because you don't remember how to have a relationship with yourself, you broke up with yourself when you started dating the other person. You have to learn how to start dating yourself all over again."

Listen below.

Pre-order the album from here (UK/EU) or here (US).

  • Manhattan tracklist:
  • 1. Scowling Crackhead Ian
  • 2. Thunderstorm
  • 3. Sad Screaming Old Man
  • 4. Back To Manhattan
  • 5. Avenue A, Shanghai, Hollywood
  • 6. Outta Town
  • 7. It Only Takes A Moment
  • 8. Support Tours
  • 9. Have A Baby
  • 10. Atheist Mantis
  • 11. The Pigeon