Director Tim Hawkins will soon be releasing his documentary XY Chelsea about whistle-blower Chelsea Manning. Hawkins contacted Johnny Hostile and Jehnny Beth (of Savages) early on in the project to ask them to score the film. Having worked on plenty of atmospheric, instrumental material in Hostile's Pop Noire studio, the opportunity was too good to turn down. The full score for XY Chelsea will be available on June 7th physically and digitally.

However, ahead of that, Hostile and Jehnny Beth have shared 'Let It Out', a more pop-leaning track for the film's credits. They say:

“It is about being inside Chelsea’s head at the moment she decides she won’t be hiding anymore. It’s a great moment of human bravery that can inspire anyone in this world to go beyond their own fear and accept who they are no matter the consequences.”

Rather than delve too deeply into the complex tapestry of feelings that Manning must have experienced throughout her travails, Johnny Hostile and Jehnny Beth hone in the moment where she accepted herself and what she had to do. 'Let It Out', as a glistening art-pop tune, expands sonically like calmness washing over you, a weight off your mind. Jehnny Beth is less fierce than we've known her in previous projects, but still has the capacity to convey the heft of emotion in this moment, and as 'Let It Out' reaches its conclusion she has guided us to a place of quiet triumph.

Take a listen below and check out the trailer for XY Chelsea beneath.

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