Jen Awad shows us the future that liberals want with her new single, 'Break a Man'. The half-Egyptian, half-Peruvian singer is also a fashion designer, sported by the likes of Kali Uchis, Keyshia Cole, Ashanti, and many others. Her powerful vocals bring to mind Sharon Jones and Etta James, and on 'Break a Man', she contrasts classic doo-wop rhythms with a desire to tear down the patriarchy.

When a person of color starts their music video in the back of a police cruiser, there’s a lot more at stake than charges of a misdemeanor (or more likely, a misunderstanding). Awad manages to hit two social flashpoints at once with the clip, and yet we can still laugh at the cops’ fist bump and at Awad’s comment to “watch your fuckin’ head” as she’s sat in the back of the car. Enjoy the full band behind her before she’s arrested to get a taste of what it’s like to see her perform live and keep your eyes peeled for shows in LA. She has been teasing new songs onstage, so if you dig 'Break a Man,' stay tuned for more from Jen Awad soon.

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