Label: Naim Release Date: 6th April 2009 Link: As far as hit and miss bands go, Jeniferever certainly hold the crown. Formed in Sweden in 1996, the band have shown a lot of promise through their mixed bag of EP’s/Splits and a full length record but they just never seemed to convert the talent they quite obviously have, into limelight boosting songs. Instead their music, much like the exposure they garnered, sat neatly on the shelf withougt a consumer in sight. Their latest release, the Nangijala EP, could easily change all of that. Billed as an Appleseed Cast type of band, Jeniferever share the same delicacy and ambience you would expect from an indie/post rock band. Singer Kristofer Jonson’s vocals swirl around EP opener, ‘Nangijala’, like a leaf caught in an upstream, whilst the track steadily grows and grows to the point of explosion. The second track, ‘When Our Heads Clasped’, is the type of song that requires the use of headphones to really get the full picture. The drums pound away relentlessly in the background to form the heartbeat of the song, while the band dips in and out of the frame until all hell breaks loose. The word ‘epic’ just doensn’t seem enough here. The band leaves us with the dream like ‘Openings To Stories’ which, even at it’s most ferocious, still never crosses the fine line between a dream and a nightmare. It’s fuzzy and brilliant. Whether this EP will shower the band with fame and fortune is quite debatable, I still feel they’ll get screwed in terms of promotion, but they’ve certainly won me over...finally. Rating: 8/10