Last month, L.A.-based indie-folk/soul/R&B artist, Jennah Bell dropped her new album Anchors and Elephants, featuring production from the likes of James Poyser of The Roots. The daughter of Ronnie Bell, a founding member of Kool and the Gang, Bell has used her influences and opportunities to create something that truly resonates. We’re thrilled to premiere the video for her track 'Can’t Be Too Careful'. Below, Bell describes the creation and cinematic inspiration of the video, directed by her friend Mallory Talty and co-starring Jane Kim.

"This is one of my favorite creative offerings to date. It marries Mallory and I’s love of multiple artistic mediums, whether that be vintage fashion, photography, set design, or film. Under her incredible direction and with the help of the most amazing team, we were able to shoot for over 18 hours with only 11 minutes of tape, to produce 5 minutes of imagery. Our limitations were our greatest artistic catalysts. This art film (if you will), is more of a visual allegory than a narrative. It expresses and challenges themes of rebellion, feminism, liberation, love, playfulness, isolation, glutton, beauty and alchemy. It is a nod Czech director, Vera Chytilova’s 1966 film “Daisies” and new wave cinema of the era. The video is for the artist and casual viewer alike."

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