If you've read my pieces for The 405, you'll know I'm not shy about going on about witchy feminist stuff - and that's a pretty good way to sum up this video. For those not familiar with Jenny Hval, her work centres around what it is to be a woman, sexuality, and oppression - and I feel this video represents all of that and is a great piece to launch her new album Blood Bitch with.

The story focuses on multiple women, representing the different roles one woman can play in her life. The Mother, who is given purpose by her child. The nymph, whose feral sexuality can break bonds between her and her sisters. The young woman, running from the idea of growing up. The colour red ties these characters together, symbolic of the monthly blood that connects women, no matter who they are or where they are from.

Drones have been used to get quite a few of the shots, suggesting surveillance and no escape. This feeling of restriction is further by a woman suffocating herself in a room of plastic sheeting. The camera is intrusive - in fact, one section of the video is purely a close up of the young girl's thighs - which suggests now she is a woman (her dress symbolising menstruation), she is free to be gazed upon.

The most striking part of this video is the skin suits. These women are not naked, they just appear to be - which in my opinion represents how in the modern age, you can bare all emotionally online etc, but you still create a fake, filtered persona. Women are not allowed to truly be free, it must always be an acceptable pretence of freedom as dictated by the patriarchy. When the skin-suited women are seen laying together in what appears to be a mass grave, despite the connotation that they are being reborn, they are surrounded by the same plastic as the suffocating girl from before - suggesting they are still trapped despite their "nakedness".

This video reminded me a lot of a 2015 film called Felt, so if you're into the whole feminist skin suit thing check that out. I believe this is a genuinely thought-provoking and stylistically well-made video - definitely won't be one for MTV though.

Blood Bitch is due out September 30th via Sacred Bones Records.