Norwegian artist Jenny Hval will release her new album, Blood Bitch, on September 30 via Sacred Bones. She's already stunned with the album's lead single 'Female Vampire,' and now, Jenny has unleashed sexploitation-inspired visuals for the song, which were directed by Jenny Berger Myhre, shot an iPhone and starring Hval and her friends.

"What does eternity feel like?" Jenny asks. "How do you ‘live’ when there is no death? Usually, the vampire is depicted as a lonesome, all-knowing and ancient creature combining violence, aggressive sexuality and deceitful youth. The pack behind the video for ‘Female Vampire’ wanted to explore vampiric eternity in a different narrative: in a group of romancing friends. The vampire friends move through their hometown of Oslo, partaking in public and private rituals of moving together. We also wanted to combine ideas from old vampire trash movies and modern trashy iPhone videos, resulting in an enigmatic world of time-lapse like slow motion where everything is always moving, or moving on. Not there, or not there yet."