Jenny Hval takes to Genius and talks the most preferable slang for "penis", taking inspiration from Kate Bush (whom she wrote a master's thesis on), and the rich and powerful taking value away from important ideologies, in a number of annotations for her recently released album Apocalypse, girl. We've compiled a choice few of those below.

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You say I'm free now, that battle is over, and feminism is over & socialism's over. Yeah, I say I can consume what I want now
― “That Battle is Over” by Jenny Hval

We ran willingly, horse-like, girl-like, boy-like. Her voice neighing in the back of her throat, and when I came closer we collided and kissed in the passing, on the mouth, like horses do. I said, her thin lips over enamel and steel. I felt the outline of her braces against my own, little silver arms reaching for each other
― “Sabbath” by Jenny Hval

I imagine you're doing the same, holding onto your soft dick. It lies in the hand where it dares stay soft. Could I be that for you? That cupping hand on your soft dick?
― “Take Care of Yourself” by Jenny Hval