Based on Jenny Hval's latest track, you might want to keep June 8th free, as her forthcoming album Apocalypse, girl is shaping up to be quite special. 'Sabbath', in a word, is beautiful. Truly beautiful. And kind of devastating. The kind of beautiful, devastating music that Hval seems to produce on a regular basis.

Here's what Hval had to say about the track:

"I think I've been writing this song since about 1986. Because when I was really young I had a dream that my vagina had braces. For a long time, it ('Sabbath') was a monologue with a heavy drum loop and I had no idea what it was or why. It was just a galloping urge to say something. And then the chorus appeared. It's like a mother; it just wants you to be happy. I really wanted to create something soft & loving. And I think it's really catchy. Which is also very mothering, a mother catches you.

"I watched the film Daisies (Czechoslovak New Wave CLASSIC), while we were recording the album, and now when I think of Sabbath I think of the two main characters in that film. Daisies is hyper surreal and an extraordinary mix of politics and desire.

"I open with saying I dream I'm a boy, but the song is very much about girls. Girls playing, dreaming, singing, transforming. Girls speaking to and for everyone."

Are you excited? You should be excited. Hell, we're so excited we might just give up today. It's sunny. Might just put this on my phone and leave.