Jenny Lewis (you know, from The Postal Service and Rilo Kiley) has been quite the busy woman lately. She teamed up with Rostam Batmanglij for 'Completely Not Me' on the Girls soundtrack, and she just announced today that she's finished up recording her new solo album. She plans on releasing it on the spring.

The album will be her first since 2008's Acid Tongue, and while she said almost no other details about it, she did explain that “I’m mixing next week and this is all I’ll say. Until it’s mixed I don’t really want to talk about it, but it took a village.”

She's currently working on a score for the new Anne Hathaway-starring movie One Song, which she said worked in tandem with her insomnia to produce inspiration for the album. She explained that “Sometimes it take an experience like this to get you out of your own head and to get you out of your own routine as songwriting,” and “So I found it really inspiring, and it made me want to get back to myself and that sort of news-ticker in my head and my own inner monologue.” She also noted that 'Completely Not Me' may be on the album, but she isn't entirely sure yet. Stream the song below.