When the LOL Boys disbanded a few years back, they shared a couple of unlikely remixes, mainly transforming mainstream EDM powerhouses into more subtler beasts. With the bombast levels turned down a fair bit, and things moulded to how they wanted them to sound, it made it sort of acceptable to enjoy these overtly "fist pump the air, chug a beer" type EDM tracks. Now, Jerome LOL returns with a take on Afrojack and Steve Aoki's 'No Beef'.

'Feel It For The First Time' is definitely a far cry from the "bro-heavy" feel of 'No Beef'. It almost feels jazz-like in its construction, but with a subdued house beat that brings to mind some of the better Hot Natured tracks. Random synth noises crop up that sound almost as though Jerome is just messing with his keyboard straight out of the box to see what sounds it can make, like when you play with all the ringtones on your new phone, which gives the track a real playful feel. 'Feel It For The First Time' makes 'No Beef' a lot more palatable to the ordinary music listener that can't quite stomach that style of EDM, turning it into a playful little house track.

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