Melbourne's Jess Ribeiro made waves with her last album, 2015's stark Kill It Yourself, which was shortlisted for the Australian Music Prize. A few years on she has now returned with a new song and video called 'Love Is The Score of Nothing', giving us the first taste of what promises to be a vibrant new chapter for the singer.

Speaking on 'Love Is The Score of Nothing', Ribeiro simply states "Love is like tennis. You win, you lose, you work up a sweat, the game ends. You go home, take a shower then go outside and keep playing.

The dry and humorous wit of that quote tees up perfectly for the song itself, which features Jess Ribeiro's most upbeat instrumentation yet, coupling a jangle-pop guitar with sprightly keys, creating the perfect foil for her deadpan delivery. Throughout, Ribeiro recounts her circuitous route through relationships, sweating and relaxing, winning and losing, returning back to 0-0 with a new partner and ready to go through it all again, as if it's just a drill. The decidedly perky production ensures that the energy remains high, even if it seems like Ribeiro is being gradually worn down, as she returns to the ultimate conclusion that 'Love Is The Score of Nothing'.

Further enhancing the pleasure-pain dichotomy of the track is the wonderfully throwback video, which features Jess Ribeiro and a pair of dancers coupling up with some tennis racquets for a boogie in Collingwood͛'s famous Ginger Hair Salon.

About the video, Jess tells us “Hair stylist Ginger Light is well known for her love of Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and all things sixties fashion and hair.” The video's director Nick McKinlay goes on to say “It ended up being a celebration of Ginger’s life, shooting at her salon, in her car, and on her roof. We aspired to reflect her life on film…. with tennis racquets.”

'Love Is The Score of Nothing' will be released by Barely Dressed / Remote Control Records on all digital platforms tomorrow. It is hopefully just the first glimpse of a new album coming from Jess Ribeiro in 2019; stay up to date with what she's up to on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.