Over the last two and half months, I’ve been out on tour with my band and then spent a couple weeks visiting friends and family up the west coast and at home in Texas. These are a few of my favourite photos from this time. There were a lot of long solo drives punctuated by moments of extreme beauty and some humour too. It was so great to be with my band out on the road and it was also a much-needed soul bath to make the long drive by myself from Texas back to Los Angeles. There’s nothing I love more than pulling up to a town all alone and creeping around feeling totally anonymous in hotel bars and thrift stores. It’s the best.

Pulling into Marfa, TX

Somewhere in New Mexico on tour.

My friend Anabelle in Bolinas, CA.

My steering wheel somewhere in the Mohave Desert.

The beach in Malibu when we had a day off on tour.

Somewhere in Arizona.

My friend Callie on her birthday in Bolinas, CA.

Somewhere in the Mohave desert, near Joshua Tree.

Zebras at our family friend’s ranch in Texas, one of my favourite places on Earth.

Train going over the highway, a very fun sight to see, near Van Horn, TX.

Newborn kittens hiding in cactus next to a gas station in West Texas.

Rows of trucks on 1-10, somewhere in Arizona I think. I loved the reflection on the back of this one.

My friend and drummer Tiffanie at Point Dume in Malibu on tour.

Pulling into Joshua Tree at night.

Me at a rest stop somewhere in Arizona in my new hat. I love this sign.

Check out the video for 'I See The White', along with Jess Williamson's forthcoming live dates, below. Cosmic Wink is out now on Mexican Summer.

01/10 – Latest Music Bar – Brighton (UK)
03/10 – Lexington – London (UK)
04/10 – The Fulford Arms – York (UK)
06/10 – The Brudenell Social Club – Leeds (UK)
07/10 – Hug and Pint – Glasgow (UK)
08/10 – The Cluny – Newcastle (UK)
09/10 – Now Wave – Manchester (UK)
10/10 – The Sunflower Lounge – Birmingham (UK)
11/10 – Louisiana – Bristol (UK)