Singer-songwriter Jesse Hale Moore is stepping out with a brand new track, 'Calling You Out.'

Having developed his skills as a piano-based performer by performing candle-lit shows in his family's living room, Moore is on the cusp of unveiling his debut full-length record Green End, which is due out on April 7. Based now in the musical hub of Philadelphia, Moore's musical evolution has enabled him to construct his latest single, 'Calling You Out.' This timely and beautifully pointed track could not come at a more important time.

"'Calling You Out' is a song about finding the strength to say the things that don't always come easy when facing a conflict with somebody you care about," says Moore. "It can be difficult and frustrating when a person in your life, especially somebody you love, is unable or unwilling to change. Sometimes calling that person out can be empowering and ultimately liberating."

Check out the poignant and powerful 'Calling You Out' below, and keep your eyes peeled for more from Moore on the horizon.