Here we go again. Jesse Ruins, the Tokyo based act who emerged in 2011 with debut track ‘Dream Analysis’, has garnered the most common comparison to M83 and it’s not hard to see why with the same blend of electronic and shoegaze that Anthony Gonzales has become so well known for. Jesse Ruins have already been gaining a lot of attention for their music and released a 7” on pretty much the hottest new label at the minute, Double Denim, and like other artists on the label, this sold out pretty quickly. We have no idea who Jesse Ruins are/is, but as with other anonymous acts, the mystery often fuels the popularity, perhaps in the hope that they’ll choose to unveil themselves or someone else will find out. Their Twitter gives us no clues either as it’s simply filled with RTs from their labels/those who are appreciating the music and the occasional ‘Thanks’.

Their EP is called Dream Analysis and the title track features echoing male/female harmonies, a punchy drum beat, throbbing bassline and shoegaze synth line, sounding influenced by both M83 and Joy Division. It doesn’t leave an impact on first listen but grows with repeat listens. It’s no surprise that this was also chosen to be the EP title as it’s easily the strongest song on the 6 track EP. ‘I Knew It’ keeps up the pace with a similar theme, but instead is a slow builder that builds upon frequent dreamy vocal snippets, coming off repetitive at times as the ambient intro evolves into a slight progression from ‘Dream Analysis’.

‘Shatter The Jewel’ sounds like a soundtrack to Sonic The Hedgehog with spiraling synth patterns, a menacing bassline, simple drum beat and hazy vocals that weave in and out of the instrumental. It’s hard to tell what they’re saying and in that sense, there’s a Crystal Castles sensibility to Jesse Ruins as they could be disguising disturbing tales or the vocals simply have the purpose of being an extra instrument. It feels as if Jesse Ruins are giving us an introduction to their sound, and although it’s not fully developed yet, there are some promising foundations in Dream Analysis that show they are not just M83 impersonators.