California native Jessica Pratt has returned with the news that she'll be putting out a new album called Quiet Signs through City Slang on February 8th. It's her first album fully recorded in a proper studio, but judging from lead single 'This Time Around' the new recording quality hasn't come at the expense of the time-stopping atmosphere that her songs float within.

'This Time Around' doesn't hew far from the weightless beauty of 2015's On Your Own Love Again; Pratt's acoustic guitar is played much like a lyre, sounding like the balletic flapping of a bird's wings, giving graceful flight to her breezy vocal. Without expending effort, her cosmically echoing voice drifts around the track, ushering the listener closer to try and catch the details of the story she's singing. Whether or not you manage to envision the ephemeral images she sings, you'll easily catch her drift, become enveloped into her effortlessly warming aura, and ready to hit play again straight away.

Jessica Pratt's new album Quiet Signs comes out on February 8th through City Slang. If you live in or near London, then you can treat yourself to an early airing of some of her new material when she plays St. Matthias Church on 7 November.