JFDR is the brainchild of Jófríður Ákadóttir, the Icelandic musician who is something of a shooting star. To write that she is a rising star would be putting it too mildly, as she is already engaged in multiple projects earning substantial acclaim. But it would be hard to dispute that her solo material as JFDR is perhaps the most promising, as illustrated by the poignancy of the track 'Instant Patience.'

Premiering alongside a powerful black-and-white video — done so that "nobody could know the colors but us," according to Ákadóttir — 'Instant Patience' simmers and broods, with lyrics that register a 10 on the emotional Richter scale. This is likely because the lyrics were taken from love letters that Ákadóttir once received, while the music was constructed as she attempted to "channel [her] triangle" by "making a song out of three chords in a loop." Ultimately, 'Instant Patience,' which was "stitched together by Shahzad Ismaily and composer Úlfur Hansson," is about the oddities of love.

"It's about randomness, connecting with someone, knowing you'll see them again," says Ákadóttir. "But that's the idea of instant patience — it's really a paradox, taking all meaning from the word patience and leaving the listener quite confused."

Stream 'Instant Patience' below.