There's something in the Swedish water that, when ingested, seems to form the most certain kind of pop creators. They won't admit it, but we're sure of it. You can tell just by listening to the work of artists like Swedish singer Ji Nilsson and Stockholm-based producer WoodzSTHLM they've gulped it all down. It's an undeniable infectiousness prominent with so many Swedish artists popping up recently. And it's in Ji and WoodzSTHLM's rippling production and assured vocals on new collaborative single 'Make Me Blu,' which they've unleashed today.

"Earlier this spring, Fredrik (WoodzSTHLM) sent me an absolutely magical track at that time was called 'Atlanten'. (the atlantic) We are both drawn to the sea and the thought of how you could translate the ocean in to actual sound, and this track sounded just like that; as a shimmering, deep blue sea," Ji says. "I wrote Make Me Blu on it, added a thousand choirs that I am completely obsessed about making and throughout the spring we have together shaped the song into it’s final form."

Ji continues: "Make Me Blu for me is about having the courage to choose yourself, even if it's the hardest thing to do sometimes. It's strong and weak at the same time, just like people are. It mournes what has been and what could have been, but there is joy and great courage in it too. It has been a tough year for me and many people close to me and that is what I have written about. There is room for many emotions in one person and I have danced away many tears to this song, I hope people can do the same and be happy with us during those warm summer nights."