Astute readers of The 405 will have already picked up on the fact that we think Ji Nilsson passes the test for what a popstar should offer. Strong melodies? Check. Immediate choruses? Check. Iconic hair? Check. We elaborated on the reasons for our NilssonCrush™ back in March during the Swede's take-over of the site, which means that we can now focus on reporting about her new single, 'Perfume'.

It makes a music journalist's job easy when a song's lyric describes the track in question, an instance in point being Perfume's end-of-chorus line: "so fresh and so clean." And so it is.

Rhythmically, Nilsson stays loyal to the beats and grooves of the single's predecessors, particularly 'Heartbreakfree', which has you tapping your foot in no time. The lyrics pay homage to a lover's scent and the arrival of the sunniest of seasons: "It's like summer in here, May, June and July," which Nilsson then rhymes with "cherry blossom sky".

It's a song that not only gets us excited about summer but also for Nilsson's debut album. Please let it come soon.

'Perfume' is out now on Best Fit Recordings/Sony