The following feature is taken from Ji Nilsson's takeover day on The 405, which focuses on all her current obsessions. Head here to find out more about about why we decided to hand over the reins to this incredible lady.

Who are you and how would you describe what you do?
We are Billy Who - a duo from Sweden that started making music together last summer and hopefully will continue doing so until we die. Olivia and Eric are our real names.

Is there a song you wish you had written, and why?
Eric: 'Monument' (The Inevitable End Version) - Robyn/Röyksopp. Aaaaah those synths...

Olivia: 'Wannabe' - Spice Girls. It sounds like they had fun writing it... can't overrate fun. And it's a great song too.

What do you find most challenging/fun about working with music?
Olivia: The most challenging thing is to get along while we're producing our music, and the most fun is when we do. In some mysterious way we always agree in the end, but getting there looks different every time.

Eric: Yeah, not to kill each other while producing... Sometimes it is hard to let go of an idea, even though it didn't sound like you expected. The most fun part is when a project is starting to become a song and you can start to really bind the parts together and think about the details.

Olivia: Exactly, and when you get to sing it in the shower for the first time, the ultimate test.

Sex, Marry, Kill: Frank Ocean, Rihanna, Beyonce:
Sex and marriage: all of them. And then they'll kill each other while fighting over us...

Check out Billy Who's Soundcloud and their latest single 'My Heart Will Mend'.