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Julia Spada and Ludvig Parment (Saturday, Monday) released their first single as their new duo Breakup earlier this year. I personally love their sound and luckily I have the great pleasure of both knowing and working with these geniuses. I had a chat with them earlier this week.

Who are you and how would you describe what you do?
We are Breakup and we're working on an EP.

Is there a song you wish you had written, and why?
'Say My Name' - because it's very high up on the all time fave list for both of us and it very often comes up in conversation when we're in the studio, so...

What do you find most challenging/fun about working with music?
The most challenging thing is the feeling that you're only as good as your latest song/show and constantly doubting yourself. The most fun is sitting in the studio together the two of us realising we really love this song we're about to make.

Sex, Marry, Kill: Frank Ocean, Rihanna, Beyonce
Julia: I'd love to sex and marry all of these but if I had to choose then maybe sex Rihanna, marry Frank Ocean and kill Beyoncé.

Ludde: Wow. Maybe sex Rihanna, marry Beyoncé and kill Frank Ocean. But I really wouldn't wanna kill Frank Ocean. And I would be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman for the next ten years or so if i where to marry Beyonce so actually I'm good. But thanks!

Check out Breakup's latest single 'Bubble' on their Soundcloud and watch the amazing video above.