Ji Nilsson is wonderful and if you don't take our word for it then here are five empirical morsels of Actual Scientific Fact to back up this assertion:

1. She is the only person, other than Marge Simpson, who really, truly manages to pull off blue hair and make it a viable look.

2. Mixing mainstream pop with 1990s R&B sensibilities in a look-mum-no-hands kind of easy-going way, her music ends up sounding like nothing else out there. Although see 3 below.

3. Nilsson's tunes are so good that even a seasoned pop-star like Gwen Stefani can't help but emulate them. Exhibit A: Nilsson's 'Heartbreakfree' vs. Gwefani's 'Baby Don't Lie'.

4. Fellow-Swede, Marlene, and Nilsson recorded a song for International Women's Day in 2014 and the track in question, 'Love You Anyway', is - hands down - the best ladies' duet since Brandy & Monica's 'The Boy Is Mine'.

5. Nilsson is best buds with 405 sweetheart Beatrice Eli. Any friend of Eli's is a friend of ours, etc etc.

The foregoing is why we decided to let Nilsson take over a bit of the site today to tell us about her obsessions. Keep your eyes peeled.

  • Takeover: Billy Who

  • Words by Ji Nilsson • 6th March 2015

  • We are Billy Who - a duo from Sweden that started making music together last summer and hopefully will continue doing so until we die. Olivia and Eric are our real names. [...]
  • Takeover: Trail Of Feathers

  • Words by Ji Nilsson • 6th March 2015

  • We are a band from Stockholm. Verner Westund on vocals, John Bernström on guitars, Rasmus Söderling on drums and Patrik Engström on bass. [...]
  • Takeover: Breakup

  • Words by Ji Nilsson • 6th March 2015

  • Julia Spada and Ludvig Parment (Saturday, Monday) released their first single as their new duo Breakup earlier this year. I personally love their sound and luckily I have the great pleasure of both knowing and working with these geniuses. [...]
  • Takeover: Märta Thisner

  • Words by Ji Nilsson • 6th March 2015

  • Who are the people looking at all those superstars through their cameras, portraying the mystery, the coolness, their true emotions? Meet amazing Swedish photographer Märta Thisner. [...]
  • Takeover: BoomBossGäris

  • Words by Ji Nilsson • 6th March 2015

  • When I make my own music it's all me - the writing, the recording, the mixing - and sure it can be a lot of work for just one person, but I love to be in charge of all that. [...]