I've listened to so much of Sean Keaveny on 6music in the morning that when a press release came this way in relation to My Morning Jacket, I assumed it to be a play on words on his feature My Morning Racket, as opposed to the other way round. Well played Sean, well played.

Anyway. Jim James, the frontman of MMJ, has announced his first full-length solo LP titled Regions of Light and Sound of God - having released an EP previously titled Tribute To under the moniker of Yim James. The album will be out via ATO Records on February 5th, and you can download forthcoming single 'Know Til Now' using this lovely little widget below


  • 01 - State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U)
  • 02 - Know Til Now
  • 03 - Dear One
  • 04 - A New Life
  • 05 - Exploding
  • 06 - Of the Mother Again
  • 07 - Actress
  • 08 - All Is Forgiven
  • 09 - God’s Love to Deliver