Swedish duo JJ are set to release their new album V on 19 August via Secretly Canadian, but today you can get an early listen of the album over at NPR.

The twelve track follow-up to jj n° 3 sees the band “ready to communicate with the world, quite unlike they’ve ever done so before. They’re embracing, not retreating", according to a press release. It continues on:

“I’d say we’ve been working on this album our whole lives. It’s the thing I’ve always wanted to do. I feel that we’ve been working on this album ever since we began to record music. We have never really had any other plan than to make this V shit happen and at the same time we never knew what it was – the story presented itself to us — and it’s a story that’s always been clear. It’s only grown in its own way. And now we’re finished, we look at it and back at it, and can begin to realize what it really is, what we have done, because it’s something you don’t necessarily decide for yourself, even though you’ve made it. And the songs… we don’t write them, we just do our best to catch them forever, for real.”

Vocalist Elin Katlander adds, “At last I have music that I really want to listen to, that I want to hear from a stage. In a way, we’ve made this music quite selfishly, to appeal primarily to ourselves and I really haven’t felt this way about our material before. This is the moment. It’s for real now.”

Listen below.

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