JMR is the moniker for Florida native, Joshua Michael Robinson. From tinkering on his parents' standup piano to reminiscing on Jeff Buckley's Grace, JMR is set to expand his abilities in soul-influenced music.

Following his 2015 debut EP, Ritual, JMR is set to release his latest EP, Boyish on May 26th. In anticipation of this, The 405 is here with the exclusive premiere of his second single, 'June Carter'.

Yes, the song references that June Carter, "I'll be your Johnny/ If you be my June Carter Cash." But this woozy, modern R&B number brings much more to the table than referencing music icons. It's all about his voice. JMR's vocal stylings emote while also being flippant. He sings, "the blues in your eyes/ and the songs in your mouth" while a minimalist beat mumbles and the word "cash" is sung with an intentional swoon. It's the push and pull every pop artist strives for. His sound on 'June Carter' is suave. You know he wants you, all signs point to it, but he will make you second guess the whole damn way.

So listen to the premiere of JMR's latest single, 'June Carter' while trying not to make awkward eye contact with your office crush.